Online Resurfacing® Workshop 

Here you will find your own answers –

and have fun while you do it!

  • Who am I?

  • Where am I going?

  • What do I want?

With the ReSurfacing® Workshop you are going on a personal journey exploring and experiencing the direct effect which your consciousness has on your life. You rediscover yourself!

30 simple yet powerful exercises bring you to an improved ability to direct your attention, a calming of your mind and an understanding of your consciousness. It is the only way to live your own life!

Genuine compassion for others and excitement for inspiring goals awaken!

The workshop is interactive and experiential, YOUR active participation creates your success.

Online Resurfacing comes in two options of 12 Live Zoom hours:

As a personal 1-2-1 training at individually suitable times

In a small group (max 5 participants) in four modules

Find out if the Avatar® Training is the right step for you.

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The Avatar Course is a Self-Empowerment Training, it is a modern approach to achieve control over your mind.

After you sort out who you are and how your mind operates, the next issue is: What do you want to deliberately create in your life?

One of the main changes on the Avatar Course is achieving a balance in your life, it is the real goal of self-empowerment. You reach a state from where you act intuitively, functional, compassionate, and motivated by high principles.

The Avatar Course is intended to be experiential rather than intellectual. The Course takes 9 days and is regularly held in Europe and the USA.


Life will at times present you with challenges on your path. The Avatar® Master Course develops the skills to retain a stable, calm and self-controlled presence, independent of what happens around you. It is about an authentic, relaxed connection with others which inspires people to go for and reach goals which first looked unachievable. It teaches how to successfully handle discouragement and how to stay on course to realise your dreams. The Master Course is also the first step towards a professional qualification as an Avatar Trainer.

The Master Course is a 9-day course and is held several times per year in Europe and the USA.

Requirement: The Avatar® Course and an invitation of your Avatar Master


The Avatar Professional Course presents a playful exploration of the hidden identities and resistances which prevent us from achieving real success. It develops the ability to be present and real and brings a person into a deep connection with their higher purpose.

The Professional Course is a Leadership Course.

It takes 7 days and is held twice each year in Germany and in Florida.

Requirement: The Avatar Course und Master Course

Avatar is much more than a Personal Developement Training. It is also an extraordinary education.

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Become the Eye in the Storm of YOUR Life!

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